FarmaVita® Life BLEACHING Powder WHITE (500g)

Life BLEACHING Powder WHITE (500g)

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Bleaching Powder Dust Free

The high quality ingredients guarantee excellent results and  it allows to work in safe. Life bleaching powder is ideal for all kind of lightening procedure, since it could be used with different types of Peroxide (Life 20-30-40 Vol.) High lightening power, bleaches up to 6 tones.

BLUE bleaching powder dust free with perfume
Contains 30g - 500g

WHITE bleaching powder dust free
Contains 500g

Type of Decoloration Hydrogen Peroxide Time of Application
Normal 3/4 tones
Normal 4/5 tones
6 tones and beyond
20 Volumes
30 Volumes
40 Volumes
30 minutes
30-40 minutes
45 minutes

CAUTION: wear special gloves. Avoid contact with scalp. Don't inhale. Keep out of reach of children. External use. For professional use only.